[SciPy-dev] Re: Possible FreeBSD workaround

Rob rob at pythonemproject.com
Wed Dec 11 13:37:11 CST 2002

BTW, it was so long ago when I patched SciPy that I've gone through 3
laptops in that period and don't have the files any more.  There were
other issues, but Weave is really all that I care about.  Its a neat
program, but I got a big resentment when I saw the same error.  Sorry
for being a prick about it.  Rob.

Robert Kern wrote:
> If I understand the problem correctly, we need a way to replace 'cc'
> with 'c++' or something similar on some systems. I propose checking for
> the environment variable 'CXX' and using its contents to replace the
> linker when it's defined. To compile on systems where gcc can't be
> autodetected, simply define CXX appropriately in your shell.
> A better solution might be to check .pydistutils.cfg for a [weave]
> section or similar, but that's a little more involved.
> Attached is a patch to build_tools.py . Please let me know if this
> works. I don't have a FreeBSD machine to test on.
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> kern at caltech.edu
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>   -- Richard Harter
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