[SciPy-dev] "New" bug tracker for SciPy/Weave/Chaco

David Ascher DavidA at ActiveState.com
Thu Dec 12 18:51:36 CST 2002

eric jones wrote:

> There will likely be some bugs in the actual bugtracker.:-|  Let us know
> when you see something that needs to be fixed, and we'll try and
> accommodate.  We really could use a Roundup/Zope expert from the
> community to pitch in on this.

Feature requests:

1) make the summary field in a page like 

bigger -- it currently takes two clicks to get from the bug index to a 
full-enough view of a bug, which is one click too many IMO =).

2) The CSS is weird -- visited links have underlines, not-visited ones don't.

Is this in CVS?  I can fix some of these myself if you want.


PS: What's with "scipy.net" vs. "scipy.org"?

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