[SciPy-dev] "New" bug tracker for SciPy/Weave/Chaco

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Fri Dec 13 12:32:25 CST 2002

Joe Cooper wrote:
> David Ascher wrote:
>> PS: What's with "scipy.net" vs. "scipy.org"?
> Just one of those things...  ;-)
> Easy to change, but there hasn't been an impetus to do so.  scipy.org 
> redirects into the zope server that runs the scipy community site, while 
> scipy.net is a direct Apache instance.  It's just the way it has always 
> been on the scipy.org/scipy.net/enthought.com webserver.
> I'll alter it so that either address works when I've got 5 minutes to 
> spare.

And now I realize Travis already answered this with more knowledge than 
I have on the subject (answering the question "why has it always been 
that way?").
Joe Cooper <joe at enthought.com>

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