[SciPy-dev] Re: Possible FreeBSD workaround

Rob rob at pythonemproject.com
Sat Dec 14 12:43:00 CST 2002

Derek Homeier wrote:
> On Wednesday, December 11, 2002, at 02:32 PM, Rob wrote:
> > I will try this out later.  Thanks!   Rob.
> >
> >
> > Robert Kern wrote:
> >>
> >> If I understand the problem correctly, we need a way to replace 'cc'
> >> with 'c++' or something similar on some systems. I propose checking
> >> for
> >> the environment variable 'CXX' and using its contents to replace the
> >> linker when it's defined. To compile on systems where gcc can't be
> >> autodetected, simply define CXX appropriately in your shell.
> >>
> >> A better solution might be to check .pydistutils.cfg for a [weave]
> >> section or similar, but that's a little more involved.
> >>
> For the record, this issue does exist on other platforms as well, and
> I'd also be much in favour of a more generic solution. It's been just
> the same on MacOS X with gcc3, and I wasn't very satisfied with
> creating a workaround like the original solution, which seemed more
> like a hack than like a fix to me! I am not very familiar with the
> python build tools, but I found it rather annoying to force it to use a
> certain linker like this, where any autoconf-based build would easily
> find the right linker or at least look at the value of LDSHARED. So I
> think, checking the value of LDSHARED/CXX is definitely the better
> solution, as Robert wrote, it still gives you flexibility to change
> them on the build commandline.
> Part of the problem is of course distutils always use the value of
> LDSHARED configured at build time, so one might argue this should
> better be set to the c++ compiler, but since major distributors like
> Apple, FreeBSD or Fink obviously don't agree with this in their python
> installations, this is probably a moot point to discuss.
> Cheers,
>                                                         Derek

I tried using the patch that was sent to my by Robert, but couldn't get
it to patch at all.  Two of two chunks were rejected.  I too would
rather see the developers fix this, as I sent them a recursive patch
that completely fixed Scipy for FreeBSD- must have been two years ago,
and it was ignored.  All it would take is some conditional compilation
in the make files.  I'm on to other things now, so I don't have the time
to fool with it any more.  Sorry,


The Numeric Python EM Project


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