[SciPy-dev] Error in compiling on OS X

Tim Lahey tjlahey at cgl.uwaterloo.ca
Sat Dec 14 19:55:55 CST 2002


I'm trying to build scipy from CVS and I get a number of errors during
the compile. The compile dies upon the following compile (which I think
is the first). I think the problem lies in the space in the build 
name "build/temp.darwin-6.2-Power Macintosh-2.2" which I think is
also a problem earlier in the build process. Any ideas for how to fix 
this ?

g77  -Wall -fno-second-underscore  -fPIC   -O3 -funroll-loops    -c 
/Users/tjlahey/devel/scipy/special/mach/d1mach.f -o 
build/temp.darwin-6.2-Power Macintosh-2.2/d1mach.o
g77: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and multiple compilations
error: failure during compile (exit status = 256)


Tim Lahey

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