[SciPy-dev] Restructuring of Chaco/Kiva/FreeType into SciPy

David C. Morrill dmorrill at enthought.com
Wed Dec 18 15:09:42 CST 2002

> I suggest keeping only one setup script, 'setup_xxx.py', per module.

Could you elaborate a little more on this please?

> Moving CVS directories is discussed in
>   http://www.gnu.org/manual/cvs-1.9/html_node/cvs_69.html
> But how desired is that one can retrive older versions of these modules?
> It seems that after renaming CVS directories, one looses their commit
> history (in the sense of the last sentence in the above link, though
> with some hacking on CVSROOT/history file (e.g. changing world/chaco
> to world/scipy/chaco) it should be possible to preserve the commit
> history, but that is theoretically, I have never done that myself nor do
> not know if anyone else have tried that).
> Safer approach would be to commit chaco, kiva, freetype modules to SciPy
> as new modules while still keeping original chaco and kiva CVS
> repositories, but only in read-only mode so that one can still see the
> commit history for references.
> And later on, when the original chaco and kiva CVS repositories are not
> used/needed anymore, they can be simply removed or archived (though, this
> will save only 20MB of disk space).

Thanks for the info. Eric suggested we create a temporary clone of the CVS
repository, try out some of these suggestions, and see what is good or bad
about the result, before doing anything on the real repository. So I'll
probably give that a try next.

> Another question: Do you want to move chaco, kiva, freetype modules before
> or after releasing scipy-0.2?

I discussed this with Eric, and he feels that this restructuring is fairly
urgent in terms of trying to create a chaco/kiva toolkit that the average
user can successfully install. As to its impact on scipy-0.2, he feels there
are probably several possible options, which he'll want to explore with you

Dave Morrill

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