[SciPy-dev] Restructuring of Chaco/Kiva/FreeType into SciPy

Steve M. Robbins steven.robbins at videotron.ca
Wed Dec 18 21:27:50 CST 2002

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 03:52:00PM -0600, David C. Morrill wrote:
> We are looking at restructuring the Chaco/Kiva projects so that they are contained within the overall SciPy source hierarchy.
> In particular, the changes being considered are:
>    - Move Chaco from the top level of CVS to SciPy
>   -  Move Kiva from the top level of CVS to SciPy
>    - Move FreeType from inside of Kiva to SciPy
> There will also be corresponding changes made to various 'setup.py'
> and 'setup_xxx.py' scripts to support building Chaco/Kiva as part of
> SciPy, and also to allow them to be built stand-alone, apart from
> the rest of SciPy.
> I'm hoping that any CVS wizards out there can suggest the best way
> to do this, without creating any more CVS gunk (Attic files, etc.)
> than necessary. For example, could we simply move directories
> around? What are the pros and cons of doing that versus a large
> number of add/delete operations?

You could probably do this another way.  

CVS lets you define "modules" using the file CVSROOT/modules.  You can
leave Chaco and company in CVS where they are now.  Then, in the
module for scipy, you include Chaco and friends (with the "&" syntax).

This gives you the ability to check out Chaco as a standalone module
just as you do now, while also getting the same Chaco code when you
check out scipy.  The impact on CVS is minimal.


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