[SciPy-dev] Restructuring of Chaco/Kiva/FreeType into SciPy

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Thu Dec 19 01:10:53 CST 2002

> On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 03:52:00PM -0600, David C. Morrill wrote:
> > We are looking at restructuring the Chaco/Kiva projects so that they
> contained within the overall SciPy source hierarchy.
> >
> > In particular, the changes being considered are:
> >    - Move Chaco from the top level of CVS to SciPy
> >   -  Move Kiva from the top level of CVS to SciPy
> >    - Move FreeType from inside of Kiva to SciPy
> >
> > There will also be corresponding changes made to various 'setup.py'
> > and 'setup_xxx.py' scripts to support building Chaco/Kiva as part of
> > SciPy, and also to allow them to be built stand-alone, apart from
> > the rest of SciPy.
> >
> > I'm hoping that any CVS wizards out there can suggest the best way
> > to do this, without creating any more CVS gunk (Attic files, etc.)
> > than necessary. For example, could we simply move directories
> > around? What are the pros and cons of doing that versus a large
> > number of add/delete operations?
> You could probably do this another way.
> CVS lets you define "modules" using the file CVSROOT/modules.  You can
> leave Chaco and company in CVS where they are now.  Then, in the
> module for scipy, you include Chaco and friends (with the "&" syntax).
> This gives you the ability to check out Chaco as a standalone module
> just as you do now, while also getting the same Chaco code when you
> check out scipy.  The impact on CVS is minimal.

Thanks Steve,

This sounds really good.  The only part that concerns me is that the
files wouldn't be in the correct place in the ViewCVS stuff on scipy.org
(correct?).  I use this thing a lot, and wish for things to be in the
correct place.  Still, maybe this isn't that big of a deal -- especially
compared to the other options.  We'll add it very high on the  list of


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