[SciPy-dev] PYTHONINCLUDE and sitecustomize.py

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Sun Dec 29 16:37:14 CST 2002

Hey Pearu,

The script wasn't attached.  Is this a mailing list issue, or just an
oversight?  Anyway, I'd like to have a look at it.


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> Subject: [SciPy-dev] PYTHONINCLUDE and sitecustomize.py
> On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 eric at localhost.localdomain wrote:
> > Modified Files:
> > 	build_clib.py build_ext.py
> Actually, build_clib.py does not need the PYTHONINCLUDE feature. I'd
> remove it.
> > Log Message:
> > made changes to use a PYTHONINCLUDE environment variable to search
> > include files during extension building.
> >
> > (1) include directories.
> > Distutils knows to include files from /usr/include/python2.2 (or
> > wherever it is installed) whenever building extension modules.
> > Numeric installs its header files inside this directory when
> > as root.  However, when I install Numeric in /home/eric/linux, the
> > header files are installed in /home/eric/linux/python2.2.  Distutils
> > doesn't know to look in hear for headers.  To solve this, I'd have
> > hack all the setup.py files for modules that rely on Numeric to use
> > include_dirs.  This isn't so nice.
> >
> > To rectify the problem, scipy_distutils now searches for an
> > environment variable called PYTHONINCLUDE that uses the same syntax
> > PYTHONPATH and PATH.  If PYTHONINCLUDE is found, the directories
> > listed in it are added to the include path during compilation of
> > files by build_ext.py and build_clib.py.  On my machine, I specify
> >
> > export PYTHONINCLUDE=$OSDIR/include/python2.2
> >
> > and all setup.py files work unaltered.  I think this is a reasonable
> > solution.
> There is one gotcha with the implementation of this solution. Consider
> the following situation:
> Numeric is installed as root.
> An user installs another version of Numeric using, say,
> As a result Numeric header files are installed to
> $HOME/include/python2.2.
> Now, when building an extension module that uses Numeric and defining
> PYTHONINCLUDE=$HOME/include/python2.2, then the compiler argument will
> contain
>   -I/usr/include/python2.2 -I$HOME/include/python2.2
> As a result, wrong Numeric header files (from
> /usr/include/python2.2/Numeric) are being used when compiling
> modules.
> Obviously, $HOME/include/python2.2 should appear before
> /usr/include/python2.2 and that can be easily accomplished by
> PYTHONINCLUDE directory(-ies) just before the '/usr/include/python2.2'
> item in self.include_dirs list. It appears from distutils code that
> '/usr/include/python2.2' is always the last item in the list and that
> makes the fix easier.
> However, IMHO distutils should take care of inserting
> <prefix>/include/python2.2 to the list include_dirs whenever
> --prefix=<prefix> is used. And if this will be fixed in distutils,
> PYTHONINCLUDE feature becomes YAGNI.
> So, I would avoid introducing PYTHONINCLUDE feature because the
> issue can be resolved using sitecustomize.py alone (after all that is
> "standard" way to customize Python). Moreover, the other issue of
> <prefix>/lib/python<version>/site-packages
> (and .pth extensions) to sys.path can be resolved in sitecustomize.py
> well as Perry already indicated (and users would not need to modify
> A version of sitecustomize.py is attached to this message and I'd like
> propose adding this script to scipy directory.
> The attached sitecustomize.py script contains also a fix to
> distutils.util.get_platform function that is broken for Mac OSX
> This script might be useful also for back-porting other Python
> fixes/features to older Python versions that SciPy is supposed to
> What do you think?
> Pearu

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