[SciPy-dev] Getting rid of parasite libraries when linking

eric eric at scipy.org
Thu Feb 14 03:34:49 CST 2002

> However, note that C libraries are still linked against all extension
> modules. For example,
>   -lc_misc -lcephes -lgist
> (and only these) appear in all linking execution arguments. Actually this
> is a problem only when using the top level setup.py and we should also
> consider fixing this for C libraries. It makes little sense to use global
> libraries list anyway, I think. Or can you think any possible application
> for using global libraries and library_dirs keywords in the toplevel
> setup.py?. Or should we invent c_libraries? Or do you have any better idea
> how to get rid of these parasite libraries?

Seems like a c_libraries idea would parallel our needs a little more, but it
isn't "standard".  Not that that has stopped from re-inventing half of
distutils, but it does make you pause.  I'm a 0 on this one. (+1 being for it, 0
neutral, -1 against as on the python-dev) list.


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