[SciPy-dev] Problem with flapack

eric eric at scipy.org
Thu Feb 14 14:32:58 CST 2002

> > >
> > > linear_algebra.py is broken. If you stay tuned, I'll make a new f2py
> > > release right now and then I'll get back to you (unless somebody else will
> > > fix linear_algebra.py first, the fix should be trivial).
> >
> > Will your f2py release solve the problem, or do we need to fix linalg also?
> Ok, turns out that the fix is not trivial after all because in January
> f2py changed how it deals with multi-dimensional arrays ant the current
> linalg/flapack uses the old convention. It means that linalg2 must be
> finished ASAP.

Ok.  I agree.  I'm working on weave today, but can can commit to working some on
linalg tomorrow.  I would like to work on the interface exposed by
linear_algebra quite a bit anyway.  Can you give me a few pointers as to what
needs work on the wrappers, and I'll hit those first.


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