[SciPy-dev] mac os X port? plt development?

eric eric at scipy.org
Fri Feb 15 13:14:50 CST 2002

Hey Jon,

> a) is anyone out there working on a port for Mac Os X? That would be the
> best! Matlab no longer support macs so lots of users are looking for
> alternative scripting languages. And because of the freeBSD kernel of osX
> many programmers are starting to use macs (you wouldnt believe me if I told
> you 2 years ago!)

Early on in the development of SciPy, Tim Lahey was trying to get Mac OSX stuff


I have no idea how far it went.

> b) how is the development of plt coming on? What sort of time do you expect
> it to take to give that the functionality of gnuplot? The thing I use lots
> that doesnt exist is a proper surface plot (not mesh).

Development in this area is about to ramp up.  I'll be discussing this shortly
on the group.

> Of course its very easy to write a wish list when I'm not doing the
> development... ;)

Well, you'll just have to rectify this then won't you. ;-)  OSX patches would be
very much welcomed.  The algorithmic code should move over fine.  The plotting
(as always) may be more of an effort.


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