[SciPy-dev] Using IPython

Janko Hauser jhauser at ifm.uni-kiel.de
Sun Feb 17 13:47:08 CST 2002

Travis Oliphant writes:
 > What does this group think about packaging ipython with SciPy to get
 > access to an improved shell?
 > Is that something worth pursuing?

I would find this a good addition. Perhaps in such a way, that a
specialized setup is used, so that everything from scipy is already

I have worked on the documentation over the weekend and have seen,
that there is a little namespace polution if one does `from scipy
import *' which is probably the first step in an interactive
session. Mainly the module names handy, basic, basic1a, misc are
present together with the functions from these modules. Than there are
some things defined again with a shortcut. Do you think this should be
cleaned up? At the moment there are 300 definitions in scipy.

Then a last one, to make the who command really useful, it needs to
supress names from later imported modules. There is also a who command
in ipython.

Oh and the really last one :-) which help system you want to use in
the future?

I think I will have a first set of documents ready at the beginning of
the next week. (HTML, PDF, PS, a good addition would be a special html
for the help widgets of wxpython)


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