[SciPy-dev] roots, poly, comparison operators, etc.

Fernando Pérez fperez at pizero.colorado.edu
Sun Feb 17 14:20:19 CST 2002

> > > * Array printing is far superior in Matlab and Octave -- they
> > > generally always look nice.  We should clean up how arrays are output.
> > > Also, the "format long" and "format short", etc options for specifying
> > > how arrays are printed are pretty nice.
> >
> > I agree. May be ipython could be exploited here?
> Does it do nice Numeric array printing and have something kin to the format
> command?  If so, yes.  That would be good.  Fernando, I think your the person to
> ask about this, correct? :-)

Well, it does use pprint instead of print by default, but that only helps
for normal python lists and dicts, not Numeric arrays.

However, changing it is easy, and I'll be happy to do it. IPython's
archtecture was thought for this kind of modularity to be easy. I admit that
right now making these changes isn't as clean as it could be, but that's why
later this year I'm planning a fairly major rewrite, and I'm drafting a
'design notes' document for that. The current code is the product of a
coding frenzy with little planning, so internally it's kind of messy.

But it works quite well, and those changes are easy to make even now (just
not too elegant). Why don't you give me a few examples of how matlab prints
things (I don't have access to it) and I'll try to code the changes in?



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