[SciPy-dev] Using IPython

Fernando Pérez fperez at pizero.colorado.edu
Sun Feb 17 14:31:59 CST 2002

> I would find this a good addition. Perhaps in such a way, that a
> specialized setup is used, so that everything from scipy is already
> imported.

That's what 'profiles' in ipython are for. We'll just create an
ipythonrc-scipy file and doing

$ ipython -p scipy

will load IPython with all the necessary customizations in place.
Furthermore, the interactive namespace is protected there, so a @who will
return a clean namespace at the beginning even if all of scipy has been
loaded. I think this is the most reasonable behavior.

> I have worked on the documentation over the weekend and have seen,
> that there is a little namespace polution if one does from scipy
> import *' which is probably the first step in an interactive
> session. Mainly the module names handy, basic, basic1a, misc are
> present together with the functions from these modules. Than there are
> some things defined again with a shortcut. Do you think this should be
> cleaned up? At the moment there are 300 definitions in scipy.

See my comment above.

> Then a last one, to make the who command really useful, it needs to
> supress names from later imported modules. There is also a who command
> in ipython.

ipython has @who and @whos (more detail). If you need changes, I'm open to

> Oh and the really last one :-) which help system you want to use in
> the future?

Sorry, is this question for ipython or for scipy? In IPython I think things
are now clean: help accesses Python's help system (the pydoc-based one), and
object?/?? gives information about a specific object. I yanked out all of
your html-doc based help system from IPP, since I felt that it wasn't
orthogonal enough to the pydoc-based help and I'd rather use a system which:
 - everyone gets (it's part of the standard distribution)
 - someone else maintains :)



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