[SciPy-dev] Using IPython

Janko Hauser jhauser at ifm.uni-kiel.de
Sun Feb 17 15:27:13 CST 2002

Fernando Pérez writes:
 > > Then a last one, to make the who command really useful, it needs to
 > > supress names from later imported modules. There is also a who command
 > > in ipython.
 > ipython has @who and @whos (more detail). If you need changes, I'm open to
 > anything.
 > > Oh and the really last one :-) which help system you want to use in
 > > the future?
 > Sorry, is this question for ipython or for scipy? 

It was more a headsup, that the scipy folks need to make a descision
about this. I would like to use pydoc as you did in ipython. And you
were right IMO to ripp of the html-based thing. I write the html-doc's
more to be a kind of handbook, which would be a good place to give
more examples, links between functions and short overview chapters. I
also think about a kind of appendix with a presentation of different
groupings. But that's not the first goal.

As I said, I think ipython would be the best interactive shell for
scipy, also quite unbiased :-).


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