[SciPy-dev] Re: Octave array formatting examples

Fernando Pérez fperez at pizero.colorado.edu
Mon Feb 18 13:50:24 CST 2002

On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, eric wrote:

> Hey Fernando,
> Here are some sample octave outputs.  At the end is the output of the format
> command options and their meanings for Octave.

Thanks. Some comments:

1. It can all be done in IPython, no problem. The format thing can be
implemented as a magic command which sets a global (internal) flag, and the
printing subsystem queries that flag at print time.

2. It's big. So it's not the kind of thing I'll do in a day or two (with all
the other things going on right now).

But let's see where the discussion goes, and if there is indeed some
consensus on using IPython for scipy, I'll try to whip out some
proof-of-concept code. But the IPython design is exactly adapted to this, so
the only limiting factor right now is my time, nothing else. Anyone who
wishes to jump in is welcome to do so, I can guide them a bit through the



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