[SciPy-dev] scipy_distutils/*_info.py files

Fernando Pérez fperez at pizero.colorado.edu
Mon Feb 18 14:10:23 CST 2002

> Agreed.  As long as we don't get in the business of trying to write autoconf. :-)

Have you ever looked at scons (http://www.scons.org)? I know it looks like
more of a make than autoconf replacement, but it might be worth a look. It
would be great if here we could concentrate on the Sci part of SciPy and
leverage other's work for the 'software engineering' part. I realize you
guys have already been forced to do a ton of work around distutils
limitations (frankly it's a pretty primitive system, and I'd argue one of
Python's Achilles' heels).

I recently also saw QMTest for testing at
http://www.codesourcery.com/qm/qmtest, also Python-based.

I may be completely off-mark here, I'm just thinking of how we can best use
other's work for some areas. The task ahead for scipy is big enough as it is.

But you guys may have already gone over this, so feel free to shoot me down
if I'm just blabbering nonsense.



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