[SciPy-dev] Plot_utlity

Fedor Baart fedor.baart at hccnet.nl
Tue Feb 19 01:29:37 CST 2002

I didn't have any problems using the plt module, it works fine. I found
the module when I was looking for a "autoticker". I have just finished a
"SVG wrapper" in python and I am trying to test it by creating some
plots. I used the autoticker for defining the axis.  SVG is the new w3c
standard for vector graphics. It's a very easy way of creating plots and


>default_bounds may have been intended to be visible outside the module.
Whether that was ever used, I'm not sure.  Your right though.  The test
for None is better and much safer.  In this case, it isn't causing any
problems (besides aesthetics).  The plt module has rarely been accused
of "elegance."  Hopefully the 2nd cut will make Audry Hepburn envious.

>I haven't seen anything in any of these corrections that would account
for the problems you were having.  Are they still occuring, or have you
found the root of the problem?


>> 370            def auto_ticks(data_bounds, bounds_info = None):
>> 371               if bounds_info==None:
>> 372                  bounds_info = ['auto','auto','auto']
>> is a bit more elegant than:
>> 369            default_bounds = ['auto','auto','auto']
>> 370            def auto_ticks(data_bounds, bounds_info =
>> default_bounds):

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