[SciPy-dev] test suite working again -- and upgraded

eric eric at scipy.org
Tue Feb 19 04:02:27 CST 2002


The test suite has been broken for a while (yes, I do see the irony in this...),
but is now working again.


>>> import scipy
>>> scipy.test()

should work.  Also, if you run this, it should only take a few seconds.  I've
added an optional argument to test() called level.  It is an integer between 1
and 10 with 1 being the least thorough (fastest) testing and 10 running the
entire test suite -- even long running tests.  Most (all?) of the test suites
have been upgraded and segmented into groups based on there speed.  I've used
levels 1, 5, and 10 for most tests, but you can add more fine grained testing if
you'd like.

The main reason for adding levels is that the weave tests take a while to run
scipy.test(5) will take a couple of minutes and scipy.test(10) will take 5-10
(maybe more) minutes.
Almost all tests people add to the suite should be level 1.  Only use higher
level numbers for a test if you know that it will take multiple seconds.  I'd
like to keep the basic test suite running in the "a few seconds" range if

Hopefully this will encourage people to run the tests and also add tests -- boy
do we need them.

Also, this was a big check in.  Let me know if I broke anything.


Eric Jones <eric at enthought.com>
Enthought, Inc. [www.enthought.com and www.scipy.org]
(512) 536-1057

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