[SciPy-dev] IPython updated (Emacs works now)

Fernando Pérez fperez at pizero.colorado.edu
Tue Feb 19 15:23:45 CST 2002

> Thanks, I'm no LISP man myself.  I'm just using the python environment
> under emacs which gives a lot of flexibility --- like excecuting snippets
> of code automatically.  I'm not sure how all of this will work with
> ipython, but it would be nice if it could.

Ah, I see. IPython is more meant to 'live in it', since many of its features
are really thought for all-out interactive use. 

So I think a reasonable setup is to use the normal python for code snippets
(since all you need is to evaluate the code, not really much else), and
IPython (even inside emacs) when you want a full interpreter. Now, if you want
the verbose tracebacks from IPython in your 'snippet evaluator', set your
sys.excepthook to verboseTB from the ultraTB.py file (details in the
file). That would give you IPython's only valuable feature for non-interactive
use without having to load all of IPython for every code snippet you want to

I think that's really the best setup. You get detailed tracebacks for short
code, and when you want a complete session you can still open it inside an
emacs buffer (if you want). I should probably add a comment to this effect in
the docs.

> Thanks for pointing out more specifically what you did.

No prob. Did it work?



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