[SciPy-dev] IPython updated (Emacs works now)

Anthony Rossini rossini at u.washington.edu
Tue Feb 19 15:29:38 CST 2002

Note that one thing I'm working on doing is extending ESS (an Emacs mode for data analysis, usually R or SAS, but also for other "interactive" data analysis stuff) to accomodate iPython, in the hopes of (very slowly) moving towards using R and SciPy for most of my work.  ESS is different in that it works on extending the interactive environment (and redirecting things like "help" requests/responses to different buffers), from the standard python model.

Just a comment; I'd love to do it today, but it's not happening this month.


On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Fernando Pérez wrote:

> > Thanks, I'm no LISP man myself.  I'm just using the python environment
> > under emacs which gives a lot of flexibility --- like excecuting snippets
> > of code automatically.  I'm not sure how all of this will work with
> > ipython, but it would be nice if it could.
> Ah, I see. IPython is more meant to 'live in it', since many of its features
> are really thought for all-out interactive use. 
> So I think a reasonable setup is to use the normal python for code snippets
> (since all you need is to evaluate the code, not really much else), and
> IPython (even inside emacs) when you want a full interpreter. Now, if you want
> the verbose tracebacks from IPython in your 'snippet evaluator', set your
> sys.excepthook to verboseTB from the ultraTB.py file (details in the
> file). That would give you IPython's only valuable feature for non-interactive
> use without having to load all of IPython for every code snippet you want to
> test.
> I think that's really the best setup. You get detailed tracebacks for short
> code, and when you want a complete session you can still open it inside an
> emacs buffer (if you want). I should probably add a comment to this effect in
> the docs.
> > Thanks for pointing out more specifically what you did.
> No prob. Did it work?
> Cheers,
> f
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