[SciPy-dev] FFTPACK and RandomArray

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Wed Feb 20 10:43:34 CST 2002

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, eric wrote:

> > But why do you want to throw the fftw wrappers out of scipy CVS? Does it
> > violets any licence item if distributing wrappers (to GPL'ed
> > codes) without distributing the corresponding libriaries?
> No, just the binary disrtibutions.  The headache about keeping them in CVS
> is the maintanance issue.  Trying to keep one library tested and working is hard
> enough, having functional duplicates doubles the problem.

I see your point. Though with fft we now have opposite situation what one
would like. The fastest implementation goes out from scipy and it is
replaced by some intermediate one :( 

I don't like lawyers. :-(

> Still, I'm not opposed to keeping them in the CVS in something like a nondist
> directory.  This is sorta how Python handles things.  That would keep the
> wrappers around and let
> them evolve with SciPy, but out of the way of the main development tree in an
> "unsupported" section.
> > And that with an addition check if the GPL library is present. If yes,
> > then triggering the wrappers extension build and making scipy to use
> > the fastest routiones available, though they may be GPL'ed?
> Sure, this is fine with me.
> So how does that plan sound -- move fftw into a nondist directory?

Ok, not too bad. It is not completely clear to me how get them out from
nondist for building and how to use them inside scipy in case they are
available but I think it can be done.

May be it is better to get FFTPACK working first before moving fftw into


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