[SciPy-dev] FFTPACK and RandomArray

eric eric at scipy.org
Wed Feb 20 10:40:17 CST 2002

> > By the way.  How is this coming?  Are you going the multivariate or
> > singlevariate route -- or has that been decided yet?
> Right now, I'm going the "get-the-code-that's there working-and-consistent"
> route.   Yes, it's mostly single-variate.  I'm happy to receive input from
> other people, though.  There is quite a bit of overlapping code that I'm
> sorting through.   Any thoughts people have on the stats stuff, it would be
> nice to hear them over the next week.

Sounds good.  I wonder if we should post to the R news group or something like
that and see if anyone there would bite as far as giving us a statistician's

> Right now, I'm looking to flesh out the distributions support to include
> pdf's and cdf's and quantiles (and other inverses) of the distributions that
> are currently in the code (including RandomArray and the already wrapped
> ranlib).

cool.  thanks.


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