[SciPy-dev] system_info is in effect

eric eric at scipy.org
Fri Feb 22 11:39:09 CST 2002

I'm betting Pearu ran scipy.test() which only runs quick tests.  A more complete
test suite can be run using scipy.test(5) and the full test suite can be run by
using scipy.test(10).  The default runs only the quick tests so that people will
be willing to do it.  test(5) and test(10) take multiple minutes to complete.

So, I'm betting this says nothing about weave since all of its tests that
actually call the compiler are in the higher level test suites.


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> > I have applied system_info hooks to SciPy setup scripts and commited my
> > changes to CVS. Currently it builds, imports, and all (except 1) tests
> > succeed in my computer (gcc-3.03, Python-2.2).
> Does this mean that weave works with gcc3? Eric and I tested it a few weeks
> ago and only gcc2.9x managed to work correctly with weave.
> cheers,
> f
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