[SciPy-dev] About stats/distributions.xls

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Mon Feb 25 12:23:47 CST 2002

On Monday 25 February 2002 01:23 am, you wrote:
> Hi again,
> stats/distributions.xls is Excel, hmm, it most contain very useful
> information but how I can see it if I don't have Excel? :(
> Would it be possible to convert stats/distributions.xls to something more
> readable? PDF, TXT, TEX, may be.

Sorry, it's actually just a temporary spreadsheet for me to keep track of 
where I am in fleshing out distribution support.  I'm actually using gnumeric 
to create it but I thought Eric might object if I had a gnumeric file in the 

You should be able to read it with gnumeric. 


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