[SciPy-dev] pre-release peek of compiler... and I need help with a name

eric eric at scipy.org
Wed Jan 2 23:23:15 CST 2002

Hey Prabhu,

> embedc

embed was already pretty high on the list.  Either of these would work fine.

>     bicep -- blitz inline c embedded in python.

Hey, I kinda like that.  Nice little double meaning there.

> Are there plans to support other languages apart from C/C++ ?

No plans right now.  I'd like to make this robust and get a few other
features in first.  Biggest missing features in my mind right now are (a)
support for VTK (b) support for array broadcasting in blitz(), and (c)
support for general math functions in blitz().

> is it possible to embed others even?

PyInline is another module that offers a similar capability, but comes at
the problem from a different angle.  I think it aims at being able to
support multiple lanaguages, so it is possible.

As far as whether compiler would ever be able to do it, I'm not sure.  It
would probably be pretty easy to embed Fortran right now supporting Numeric
arrays, scalars, and strings, but I'm not sure that will excite many people.
As far as Perl, Ruby, Tcl and friends, I don't really have a feeling for
them.  I think they would take quite a bit more work.

It'd probably be easy to embed Java in Jython, but I haven't played with it
much.  For all I know, this may already be possible.

thanks again for the names,


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