[SciPy-dev] weave -- inline C/C++ in Python, an implementation

Travis N. Vaught travis at scipy.org
Fri Jan 4 21:58:46 CST 2002

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> Quick comment on the documentation page
> http://www.scipy.org/site_content/weave/weave/tutorial.html.
> It seems to have a hard-coded page width, and lines don't wrap properly
> (tested with Netscape 4.x and Opera 6.0 under Linux, maybe ok
> under windows).
> So it's a pain in the ass to read b/c you have to constantly scroll
> horizontally or open a hughe window so it all fits (and reading
> overly long
> lines is tiring). You may want to fix this.

This is caused by the <code></code> tag.  It never wraps (at least with all
browsers I've used).  Therefore, your page width is minimally the longest
line of "<code>".  I'll try to break them up manually to a reasonable
minimum width.  Thanks for the feedback.

Travis V.

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