[SciPy-dev] tried new weave compiler, no-go

eric eric at scipy.org
Sat Jan 5 10:23:49 CST 2002

Hey Rob,

In order to allow people with Numeric installed on there machine to use
weave, I put the following code in weave/__init__.py:

    from blitz_tools import blitz
except ImportError:
    pass # Numeric wasn't available

It looks like blitz_tools is failing to import for some reason.  Poking
around, I noticed that all of weave's modules that depend on Numeric also
import fastumath so that they are compatible with SciPy.  I've changed every
import of
fastumath to be:

# The following try/except so that non-SciPy users can still use blitz
    from fastumath import *
    pass # fastumath not available

This should allow non-SciPy users to use weave as well.  By the way, did you
have SciPy installed when you tried out weave?

The changes are in CVS, and I'll upload the changed tar-balls, etc within
the next 10 minutes.  Please grab them and try again.  Another thing you
could try just to find out where the error is occuring is to get rid of the
try/except around blitz_tools in the __init__.py file.  This should through
an error telling us what went wrong.


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> Hi All,
> Weave built and installed OK on FreeBSD, but when I try to use it Python
> complains that weave has no blitz() member.
> e.g.
> import weave
> foo="a*b"
> weave.blitz(foo)
> Comes back with the error.
> Rob.
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