[SciPy-dev] new version of weave

eric eric at scipy.org
Mon Jan 7 00:48:54 CST 2002

Hey folks,

I cleaned up a few issues with weave over the weekend, and the new files are
available for testing.  Among the things fixed:

    * Files in tar ball now have Unix line endings
    * Fixed a few platform specific issues with the catalog found by Prabhu
    * Added support for Solaris with gcc -- all tests pass

weave now works (for me) under RH 7.1 (gcc 2.96) and Solaris (gcc 2.95.1).
On windows, gcc and MSVC both pass.

I haven't been able to figure out the "Abort" issue reported by Fernando on
Mandrake.  I'll try and talk with him more this week and try to ferret out
the issue.

Files at:


Please download and test!  I hope to release by mid-week.


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