[SciPy-dev] new buld process in CVS

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Thu Jan 10 06:06:13 CST 2002

>>>>> "eric" == eric  <eric at scipy.org> writes:

    eric> SciPy's build process has been revamped.  Thanks to Pearu
    eric> for tons of help in this area on getting this all setup.
    eric> Please grab the CVS and test on your given architecture so
    eric> we can find out what has broken.  Please report both success
    eric> and failure.

    eric> You'll need the latest snapshot of f2py (see below).  Also,
    eric> you'll need to set the following line in setup.py to point
    eric> to your atlas libraries:

    eric>     scipy_distutils.atlas_info.library_path =
    eric> ['home/ej/lib/atlas']

The new build seems to run fine and I didn't need to change the above
flag.  I also dont like this setting since you'll have trouble with
CVS versioning when you change setup.py.  The next time setup.py is
changed in the CVS tree you risk the complication of a conflict.  I'd
suggest placing user configs in a separate file that is not in the CVS


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