[SciPy-dev] New tarballs for weave

eric eric at scipy.org
Sat Jan 12 15:03:59 CST 2002

Hello group,

New weave tarballs available on:


These tarballs include some attempts at fixes for Prabhu on Debian.  They
have been tested on Solaris (2.95.1), W2K (gcc 2.95.2), and RH 7.1 (gcc
2.96) and all tests pass.  I still haven't found any reason for the "Abort"
error reported on Mandrake (bummer).

I'd been interested in reports of success or failure of weave.test() on any
and all architectures.  Instructions for testing are on the page.

There is one minor change likely tomorrow and then I'll announce on
comp.python.lang on Monday to get a wider testing audience.

Thanks to those who have already spent time testing.


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