Fortran comparison Re: [SciPy-dev] scipy.weave versus simple C++.

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at
Sun Jan 13 02:37:11 CST 2002

>>>>> "eric" == eric  <eric at> writes:

    eric> Still, in the end, I would like to have a version of inline
    eric> that works for Fortran.  It's not a large project, but also
    eric> not one I have time for now.  If anyone is interested, drop
    eric> me a line, and I'll point out how to do it.  On the

I'm not volunteering, but it is sure is tempting.  Why dont you post
the "howto" here?  If someone has enough time they could do it.  I
know that it most probably is painful for you to write it up at this
time but I guess writing about it now when you are fresh from coding
is the best time to write the doc. :)

Also, I am not familiar with f2py or fortran so I'll most probably
stumble quite often (if not all the time).  I think we need to get
together on this.  Pearu is obviously the f2py expert and you the
weave expert (code weaver?).  I'm the only(?) tester so far.  If it
won't take long I dont mind blowing a day on it helping (with
coding/testing whatever) but no more.

    eric> usability side of inline Fortran, the array transpose issue
    eric> is confusing to people (including me), and, for speed, you
    eric> have to leave the details of this up to the user.  We're
    eric> just stuck with this.

Yes, maybe a nice document with a few examples on what happens and
what to watch out for would be good.  Let me first get that draft on
the thread done.


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