[SciPy-dev] new weave tar balls -- multiple fixes

eric eric at scipy.org
Mon Jan 14 01:01:12 CST 2002

Hey group,

There are new weave tar balls available.  


The CVS version is also up to date.  I think we have cleaned up *most* outstanding issues.  Please try the tar-balls (preferred over CVS to find any packaging mistakes) as soon as possible.  I'll likely announce to c.l.p by noon if no major problems are found.

Several major fixes/changes are in the code:

   * setup_weave.py not found error shouldn't be happening on any platform now. 
     Installation with setup.py should work as expected.
   * Most errors occuring on other platforms had to do with bugs in dumbdbm in the
     Python 2.1.x distribution.  weave now ships with its own version of dumbdbm and
     a shelve file that uses it.  Hopefully this will get rid of most cross-platform

   * A change to how exceptions are handled in inline ( no one is likely to notice this 
     one, but it does make a few places in the tutorial out of date.

Other things to note:

   * Testing takes maybe 75 MB of disk space, so if you have a low quota, some tests
     will fail.

   * there is no cross platform way to cleanup after the tests, so most of the 75 MB 
     of test files will remain on your harddrive.  The main problem here is that 
     windows does not allow you to delete a DLL that is currently loaded into memory.
     Versions of Unix may have the same problem.

Platforms Reports:

    * W2K, MSVC, gcc-2.95.2 (mingw32) (passed 185 tests)
    * RH 7.1, gcc-2.96   (passed 185 tests)

    * Solaris gcc-2.95.1 (3 failures out of 185 tests -- should work for inline and blitz)

    * Debian (something like 5 failures out of 185 tests -- should work) ( Thanks to Prahbu)



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