[SciPy-dev] new weave tar balls -- multiple fixes

eric eric at scipy.org
Mon Jan 14 09:35:38 CST 2002

Hey Prabhu,

> >>> import weave
> >>> weave.test()
> [snip]
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ran 185 tests in 643.650s
> OK
> <unittest.TextTestRunner instance at 0x821882c>

Very good.

> The test doesnt seem to have failed either.  Also maybe you can use
>     self.assertRaises(except_type, func, args)
> for the exception tests?

We could -- is there a particular benefit?  I haven't look at this at all,
and am
unlikely to run through all the tests to make the changes now. :)  But maybe
future tests.

> Otherwise everything else seems to run just fine!  All those wierd
> catalog errors are gone!

good deal.

I'll try to incorporate your tutorial thing and then announce to c.l.p
within an hour or so.


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