[SciPy-dev] scipy on cygwin

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Sat Jan 19 22:15:57 CST 2002

>>>>> "eric" == eric  <eric at scipy.org> writes:

    eric> Prabhu, If you know the fix, go ahead and make it.

I'm not sure that it is a bug.  The del statement in scipy's __init__
makes the behaviour somewhat funny.  All of the following work:

In [1]: import scipy

In [2]: from scipy.scipy_version import scipy_version

In [3]: scipy_version 

Out[3]= '0.2.0'

In [7]: print scipy.__version__

The following wont work though

In [8]: print scipy.scipy_version 
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)


AttributeError: 'scipy' module has no attribute 'scipy_version'

The reason is that the attribute is deleted in __init__.py.  Why the
attribute is deleted I dont know but if the version is all that is
required scipy.__version__ seems to make more sense that
scipy.scipy_version etc.  So this is not a bug afaik. :)


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