[SciPy-dev] Patch for broken scipy.plt.plot_objects.py

eric eric at scipy.org
Tue Jan 22 11:17:53 CST 2002

Hey Alex,

> I didn't find anything specific on the www.scipy.org on how to submit
> so I hope submitting them here is OK.

Seems as good a place as any for now.

> I hit upon a bug in plt.imagesc, that took me quite a long time to track
> down. Basically, it won't display any non-square matrices correctly.
> reshaping a flat array (which I happen to mostly work with), incorrectly
> (i.e. reshape(a.flat,(col, row)) instead of reshape(a.flat, (row, col))),
> result in the plot one expected. I was therefore quite dumbfounded when I
> found that plt.imagesc(reshape(a.flat,(col, row))) worked but
> plt.imagesc(transpose(reshape(a.flat,(col,row)))) produced garbage.
> Here is a fix (plus anoter small change), which I hope should work.

All looks good.  Thanks.  I've added the patch to the current CVS.


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