[SciPy-dev] Can I call Python-functions from """code"""?

eric eric at scipy.org
Thu Jan 24 20:05:41 CST 2002

No prob.  The mechanism for doing it isn't as transparent or obvious as I'd
like.  Still, possible is better than impossible...


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> >>>  "eric" == "eric" <eric at scipy.org> writes:
>     eric> Hey Andreas,
>     >> Is there a way to cll my self-defined Python-functions from the
>     >> =
>     eric> embeded C++=20
>     >> code??
>     eric> You can.  Since code is all C++ code, and your wanting to
>     eric> call a Python = function, you have to do two things:
> Umm, sorry folks for misleading you all.  I must have misunderstood
> something when I talked with Eric.  My bad.  But I sure am glad that
> we can do this.  It opens up so many possibilities. :)
> Thanks Eric!
> prabhu
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