[SciPy-dev] RE: RE: HellOo o o o . . .

Fernando Perez fperez at pizero.colorado.edu
Tue Jul 23 13:04:51 CDT 2002

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Russell Cecala wrote:

> > in your c.l.p post you gave very few details, in particular no traceback.
> Sorry I had know idea there is such thing as traceback.
> Is what gets write to the Python window?

Yes, when there's an error (an exception in python lingo) python prints out a 
lot of details about what happened. Those details are critical for debugging 
the problem.

> > Instead of saying '... it appears that...', simply _paste_ straight from a 
> > terminal the specific error output. To a developer who knows the code, > that's 
> > typically key information which can quickly point to the source of the 
> > problem.
> ... sorry about that too.  I don't know how to cut and paste from
> certain windows applications.  (i.e. cmd.exe and python.exe ).
> I don't think one can.  Geez I love Microsoft operating systems ;)

Mmmh, I'm pretty sure you can. I don't remember the details (rarely use 
windows) but I know it's possible to cut/paste from a command window. Not as 
nice as in unix, but possible.

> > 2- Technically your question is more appropriate for scipy-user than 
> > scipy-dev, as scipy-dev is meant to discuss issues with sicpy > development. But 
> > the traffic on these is low enough that it shouldn't be a big deal. Just>  > a comment for future reference.
> I posted to those list and all ever got as a response was
> coyotes howls and tumble weeds.

Strange, I never saw your post there and I've been on the list for a while.

> Oh well bet that weave is too young to handle complex
> classes or data types anyways.

It depends on what you need. For numerical work it's fantastic. Just yesterday 
on scipy-user Eric Jones (weave's developer) gave me an example on how to 
access the raw data of a Numeric array through weave. After some more 
discussion I posted his example (useful) at:


along with many other examples I've been collecting on how to use weave.

For wrapping large libraries, there's always Swig and Boost.Python.

And I'd suggest dropping the condescending tone. Weave and scipy are very
impressive pieces of work, put out there for free by bright, talented people.  
If you know of a specific limitation, document it properly and it may be
addressed (if it falls within the problem domain of weave/scipy). 

That kind of off-the-cuff comment ("I bet it can't handle complex...") isn't
going to get you very far when asking for help from the very people who wrote
it. Take it as friendly advice for the future. Those guys are good and
extremely helpful in general, I've experienced their dedication first hand.



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