[SciPy-dev] adding LAPACK and BLAS to the source code

Chuck Harris Chuck.Harris at sdl.usu.edu
Mon Jun 24 15:13:28 CDT 2002

> We're not really forking since I doubt we make any 
> modifications -- its
> purely a logistical issue.  We already have code from 
> FITPACK, cephes, amos, etc. in SciPy.  We have made a few 
> modifications
> in these to get them working on newer compilers, etc., but nothing to
> major.  There kept there just to make building SciPy easier.  LAPACK
> would be included for the same reason.  
> Eric
Perhaps prebuilt libraries could be made available for optional download.
They are already available on the net, but it can be a pain chasing them
down and getting them installed. And maybe they still don't work. At least links to working versions would be helpful.


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