[SciPy-dev] Progress with linalg2

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Sun Mar 3 06:58:22 CST 2002

Hi Eric,

On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, eric wrote:

> 1.  My atlas is missing some routines that you have in generic_clapack.pyf.  
>     Specifically:
>         clapack_xgetri
>         clapack_xpotri
>         clapack_xlauum
>         clapack_xtrtri
>     where x stands for the various types.  Are these in your ATLAS?  I have a
>     fairly recent version, but perhaps I need to upgrade?

Yes, my ATLAS have them. I am using ATLAS-3.3.13 and I didn't realize that
it may contain functions not included in the stable ATLAS. Sorry about

> 2.  I get segfaults when trying to run the tests.  It looks like they happen
>     for both C and Fortran (I commented out contiguous cases to test Fortran).
>     Do you think this is a windows specific issue?  I am using the latest
>     f2py CVS.

Try using only flapack. Because the segfaults may be caused by the
1. issue above. To be sure that solve() will not use clapack functions,
you need to remove clapack.so file, commenting some test cases out may not
be enough.

> 3.  I like your _measure tests.  I've long been wishing we had some set of
>     benchmarks that we could test with something like:
>        >>> import scipy
>        >>> scipy.benchmark()
>     This is a nice step in that direction.

So, shall we use benchmark_ or bench_ (instead of measure_) prefix for the
names of corresponding member functions in test_*.py?


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