[SciPy-dev] Weave/blitz element index type-error (?)

keith roscoe k.roscoe at freeuk.com
Tue Mar 26 11:29:45 CST 2002


> From my quick test, it looks like the version of Blitz that weave 
currently uses
> (blitz-20001213) doesn't actually support this.  I included my little 
C++ test
> program below.

Thanks for this.  I looks like I went off half cocked and there 
was a mistake with my C++ test script.

I'll look into the newer versions of blitz though and if any of them 
support this
I'll mail you back.

Thanks for you time.


ps.  Apologies for spamming the list with confirmation messages.  I'm 
having a few teething problems with my new mail client.  (Hence the odd 
formatting of this message!)

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