[SciPy-dev] preparing for release 0.2!

eric eric at scipy.org
Tue Mar 26 21:08:18 CST 2002

Hello all,

Travis Oliphant and I had a talk today, and it sounds like SciPy 0.2 is about
baked and ready to come out of the oven.  The main things we wanted to add for
this release were linalg and a cleaned up stats module.  Both are pretty close
to completion thanks to a ton of work by Pearu Peterson and Travis O. Seeing
this is the case, I'd like to shoot for a 0.2 release candidate by Friday, April
5th.  Here's a partial list of the things I know of before release:

    1.    Re-factor scipy_lite module (pending discussion).
    2.    Fix floating point NaN issues on multiple platforms (cephes module).
    3.    Have several stats people review the stats module
    4.    Add lu_factor and lu_solve (qr_factor and qr_solve, etc?) pairs to
    5.    Clean up weave documentation to match current implementation.
    6.    Update install instructions.
    7.    Test on multiple platforms.

Feel free to add items -- this is meant as a starter list.  Please don't put
things like "document SciPy" or "complete set of unit tests."  These aren't
priorities for this release.  If pydoc versions of the documentation get in,
that's great.  If they don't that is OK also.  I'm most interested in getting
something out there so that people have pre-built's for 2.2 (on Windows) and
(reasonably) stable tarballs for Unix.

I guess Pearu and Travis O. are the main guys to add other "todo" items.  Also,
we should coordinate a 2-4 hour period for one or two days next week on ICQ or
IRC to work as a group on final clean up.  Right now, I'd say Monday and
Thursday are the best for me.  Will that work for yall?  Pearu, what time of day
works best for you?

I'm excited about getting this one out, because it is getting close to having a
"functionally complete" core now.  The next revision we can concentrate on docs
and testing (everyone's favorite I know...).

see ya,

Eric Jones <eric at enthought.com>
Enthought, Inc. [www.enthought.com and www.scipy.org]
(512) 536-1057

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