[SciPy-dev] Problems with CVS Scipy on Solaris

Tim Lahey tjlahey at mud.cgl.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Mar 26 22:26:54 CST 2002


I checked out the Scipy from CVS and had a number
of difficulties in compiling.

1. Is there a way of using the Vendor LAPACK/BLAS
instead of ATLAS? For the cases I'm concerned
about, the Sun BLAS outperforms ATLAS.

2. I compiled ATLAS and managed to get it past
the system_info check. But when I get to the
X11 check, it says NOT FOUND then I get a

2a. Changing the directory list in the x11_info
doesn't seem to work.

2b. I still couldn't get it to pick up the header
and library files when I added the right directory.

The tests were done on a Sun Blade 100 running
Solaris 8.



Tim Lahey
PhD Student - Systems Design Engineering
tjlahey at cgl.uwaterloo.ca

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