[SciPy-dev] Statistics toolbox and nans

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Fri Nov 1 15:01:30 CST 2002

>>>>> "travis" == Travis Oliphant <oliphant at ee.byu.edu> writes:

    travis> Right now, to me this is a straw man (a hypothetical argument).

I agree (i.e. NAN being the problem; it's not -- I'd probably complain
about any value that could cause confusion).

    travis> Now, I agree that treating missing values using NaNs is somewhat of a
    travis> kludge.  And there are perhaps better ways to handle it.  It is a rather
    travis> efficient kludge that works much of the time.

    travis> Even if you don't officially bless nan's as "missing values,"  If they
    travis> every show up in your calculation, they essentially are missing values and
    travis> the question still remains as to how to deal with them (should you ignore
    travis> them or let them ruin the rest of your calculation?)

This is the crux of the issue -- from a statistical perspective
(different from a numerical analyst's, from what I can  tell), it
would be important to flag different forms of missing data, in order
to process in different manners.  Using a single NAN does't allow for
this (i.e. numerical missingness, vs. statistical missingness, both of
which may be present depending on the data and the data analysis
algorithm using for processing.


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