[SciPy-dev] Psycho about performance

M. Evans datafeed at SoftHome.net
Fri Nov 15 23:25:47 CST 2002

Gotta love the name!  Looks very interesting, perhaps SciPy could help
with this baby while the author finishes his Ph.D.  Nice loose MIT
license.  -Mark


"The actual performance gains can be very large. For common code,
expect at least a 2x speed-up, more typically 4x. But where Psyco
shines is when running algorithmical code --- these are the first
pieces of code that you would consider rewriting in C for performance.
If you are in this situation, consider using Psyco instead! You might
get 10x to 100x speed-ups. It is theoretically possible to actually
speed up this kind of code up to the performance of C itself."

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