[SciPy-dev] Changes to CVS

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Nov 18 13:45:09 CST 2002

Because we are getting ready for releasing Scipy 0.2, I should make people
aware, that I'm in the process of re-writing some of the modules in the
stats subpackage so that the random variable functions
are implemented as classes.

Currently there is a separate function <XXXX>pdf, <XXXX>cdf, etc.  for
each random variable <XXXX>.  The new design defines a class <XXXX>_gen
and an instance of the class <XXXX> that has methods <XXXX>.pdf,
<XXXX>.cdf, etc.

This approach makes it very
easy to add a new random variable by inheriting from the base class and
over-riding either the ._pdf, or ._cdf method (and others if you want
speed improvements).  Everything else can be defined from these in the
generic case.

I'm testing the system right now and should be ready to check it in a week
or two.  (I'm also writing the discrete random variable part).

-Travis O.

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