[SciPy-dev] Changes to CVS

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Mon Nov 18 14:12:06 CST 2002

> Because we are getting ready for releasing Scipy 0.2, I should make
> aware, that I'm in the process of re-writing some of the modules in
> stats subpackage so that the random variable functions
> are implemented as classes.
> Currently there is a separate function <XXXX>pdf, <XXXX>cdf, etc.  for
> each random variable <XXXX>.  The new design defines a class
> and an instance of the class <XXXX> that has methods <XXXX>.pdf,
> <XXXX>.cdf, etc.
> This approach makes it very
> easy to add a new random variable by inheriting from the base class
> over-riding either the ._pdf, or ._cdf method (and others if you want
> speed improvements).  Everything else can be defined from these in the
> generic case.
> I'm testing the system right now and should be ready to check it in a
> or two.  (I'm also writing the discrete random variable part).

This sounds a lot cleaner.  Good to hear it will be ready for SciPy-0.2.


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