[SciPy-dev] Module Submission: Orthogonal Distance Regression

Robert Kern kern at caltech.edu
Tue Nov 19 23:42:32 CST 2002

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 09:38:19AM -0600, eric jones wrote:
> Hey Robert,
> Thanks for the submission!
> I had to make a few changes to setup.py and test.py to get it flying on
> windows.  The diffs are below.
> Here's a change summary:
> I turned off blas optimization, stuck an import of mingw32_support at
> the top of the file, and changed the odr package path from '' to '.'.

Ah. I haven't tried installing it separately in a while. setup_odr.py
allows it to be installed as a subpackage of scipy. I haven't done any
testing on Windows.

> On test.py, there as a syntax error on line 64 -- it needed a line
> continuation character.


> As we move forward with this, should we group the odr tools in a package
> with other data fitting tools such as leastsq fit, spline fits, etc.?
> While they use different methods, they all serve similar purposes.

The optimize package is probably the best place.

> eric

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