[SciPy-dev] Anti-Grain Geometry

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Sun Nov 24 16:18:26 CST 2002

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the link.  This looks *very* interesting for Kiva.  It is
path and affine transform based.  It also supports alpha transparency,
anti-aliasing, and non-zero and odd-even polygon fills.  Best of all, it
is small at 10K lines of code.  Looking at its "path_storage" class, it
has the following methods:


Besides arc and arc_to, this covers all that Kiva needs.  Anti-grain
doesn't allow paths to have matrix transforms stored in them (which
would provide a direct mapping to kiva), but this can probably be
handled (or added) without much fuss.

Adding anti-grain as a backend would provide a render engine that was
completely independent of a GUI system.  We have wanted this, but
haven't wanted to do the work.:-)  anti-grain, along with the freetype
engine, would remove any reliance on the underlying platform for
drawing.  People wanting GIF would really like this.  It would also make
a non-OpenGL TkInter easy -- just blit in the buffer after anti-grain
has rendered it.

Anti-grain does use C++ templates, but compiles on MSVC 6.0 which means
gcc probably doesn't have problems with it.  It looks like anti-grain is
mainly developed on windows.  Has anyone tried it on Unix with gcc?

I played with the C++ examples on windows, and they seemed very snappy.
I'm going to play around with it a little tonight to see if any
fundamental problems show up.

Thanks again,

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> http://www.antigrain.com/agg_docs/doc_overview.html
> Interesting library with a liberal license.
> "Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) is a platform independent C++ graphic
> rendering library that is designed to be small and efficient."
> Mark
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